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Call Maintenance System

Our technicians are deployed via our internally developed dispatch system. Every call we get is considered urgent, with a guaranteed 1 hour response time. This system is available 24/7 to provide call management for our Field Engineers and customers.

Method of Dispatch

We monitor all incoming calls to ensure the fastest response. When you contact us a field engineer will return your call within an hour, assess the situation, and advise you as to the engineer's ETA.

For a system down condition the Field Engineer manager will receive a status report within one-half hour from the servicing technician after the technician has arrived on-site. If the repair is not completed within 2 hours from the time the technician arrives on site, a "machine alert" will be declared. Notification of the problem will be escalated through PCS Technologies staff and appropriate action will be taken to keep down time to an absolute minimum.

Time-Frame   Technical   Management
0 - 1 hrs

Phone contact initiated with support center.

Field engineer alerted.

Technician conducts diagnositcs.

Branch manager is notified.

1 - 4 hrs

Field engineer dispatched to site.

Branch manager informs area operations manager.

4 - 6 hrs

Specialist alerted to possible on-site requirement.

Branch manager en route to site to update customer and coordinate resource.

Area operations manager informs general manager.

6 - 7 hrs

Specialist dispatched to site.

Operations manager actively involved.

7+ hrs

Additional options for resolution explored.

Area general manager informs VP.

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Every call we get is considered urgent, with a guaranteed 1 hour response time.

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What Our Clients Say...

"...whether an upgrade of storage space/RAM or the repair of some of our older equiptment, your technician approached each task with diligence and a professional demeanor that reflects well on both him and PCS. His diverse expertise and depth of knowledge was outstanding.

-Executive Director,
Regional Planning Commission

Staff Certifications

A+ Certification

A CompTIA Certification Program

MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional

CNE - Certified Novell Engineer

HP ASE - Accredited System Engineer

HP ASI - Accredited Platform Integrator