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It's not just about the service
It's about the people
We have been supporting local businesses for 30 years

It started with a simple premise

About Us

When it comes down to it, its not about the PCs, or the servers, or any of the multitude of peripherals we maintain or repair; its about the people we help by keeping their machines up and running. It's about taking pride in what we do and being there for our clients when they need us.

We've been providing hardware support for over 30 years. In that time we have earned the reputation of being a trusted support team for a host of companies, large and small. We've built long standing relationships, developed skilled technicians, and strive to provide excellent customer service.

Free Consultation

Schedule a free onsite consultation. Each PCS consultation includes a detailed service and cost estimate based on your organization's individual needs.


What Our Clients Say...

"To do everything that PCS does for us, we'd have to hire several additional people. That just isn't realistic with our budget. Instead, the small team we have can focus on supporting our business objectives while the PCS team keeps our systems up and hardware running smoothly."

                                IT Manager, PISD