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Hardware maintenance
and repair for your business
Affordable. Responsive. Guaranteed.

Hardware Solutions Made Easy

Customized IT Support serving your entire computer network.

Serving clients from New York to Baltimore, Allentown to Atlantic City, PCS Technologies' Hardware Solutions provides customized IT support to maintain your entire computer network. From laptops to servers, printers, scanners,and most other peripherals, PCS can keep it running. Clients benefit from our 30 years of experience and highly skilled team of technicians.

PCS - Hardware Solutions can support your hardware seamlessly with minimal IT involvement

  • 24/7 Call Management
  • Remedial Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Warranty Management
  • Parts Sparing Process
  • On-Site Supplemental Help
  • Site Relocation Services

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Free Consultation

Schedule a free onsite consultation. Each PCS consultation includes a detailed service and cost estimate based on your organization's individual needs.


What Our Clients Say...

"To do everything that PCS does for us, we'd have to hire several additional people. That just isn't realistic with our budget. Instead, the small team we have can focus on supporting our business objectives while the PCS team keeps our systems up and hardware running smoothly."

                                IT Manager, PISD